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Here’s what photos taken on the Pixel 6 Pro look like




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Google’s Pixel 6 Pro has seriously impressed us with its attractive design, its vibrant screen and its slick Android 12 software. But it’s the triple rear camera that really turned my head.

It features a 50-megapixel main camera, a 12-megapixel ultrawide camera and a 48-megapixel telephoto camera that provides 4x zoom.

This shot, taken with the standard camera, is bright and vibrant, with beautiful tones that really show off the changing of the seasons. 

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This scene looking towards the beautiful Edinburgh castle is a challenging shot, with dark shadows and an extremely bright sky beyond the trees. The Pixel 6 Pro has handled it well though, maintaining a lovely exposure overall.  


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Great exposure and details on this view over Edinburgh, taken with the standard lens.


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Switching to the ultrawide, the shot looks a little cooler, but it’s still a great looking shot.


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With the 4x zoom I’ve been able to frame the distant building nicely against the trees. 


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The standard camera has captured a scene with superb dynamic range here. I love the reflections of the sky on the water. 


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And moving to the 4x zoom, I’ve been able to capture this peaceful moment with this person reading a newspaper. There’s so much detail in the image that I can clearly read the headline.


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I also love this 4x zoom shot overlooking some allotments. It’s such a busy scene, but the high resolution of the camera means that all the fine details have been captured perfectly.


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And I’ve used the zoom here too to focus my composition on these fallen orange leaves.


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From the main camera, a lovely scene overlooking Leith. 


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From the same position, the 4x zoom gives a much clearer view of the buildings opposite.


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While the ultrawide lens has captured a wider view of the river.


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A beautiful view of Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens.


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Google has developed a tool for automatically removing people and distracting objects from a scene, as well as allowing you to add more color toning to your images. Check out this shot against the previous one and see how neatly the phone has removed the people walking in the bottom right. 


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A challenging scene for most phones, but the Pixel 6 Pro has kept that bright light under control while still showing plenty of detail in the shadows.


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Zooming in to 4x, I’ve captured a sole walker between the trees. Lovely stuff.


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Who doesn’t love a vibrant sunset? Captured with the main camera.


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Shot with the 4x zoom, a crow does whatever crows do in front of a gorgeous big tree.


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Even at night, the Pixel 6 Pro can capture great images. 


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Using the long-exposure mode, I turned a passing car into streaking lights, which gives a cool effect.


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Night mode shots are often quite susceptible to lens flare from nearby light sources.


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